Acupuncture And Other Therapies
Like acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, Oriental Exercises, the Radioestecia, Neural Therapy, the Chronotherapy and chiropractors believe in the existence of an energy that the body provides great possibilities.
Undoubtedly there are many therapeutic techniques that have similarities in design and style basics, particularly acupuncture, rather than the method used, many therapies are associated with the existence of concept of an energy that the body gives great potential for response , which makes you a creditor of an uncanny ability to keep your balance.

Within these we find the naturopathy, homeopathy, Oriental Exercises, the Radioestecia, Neural Therapy, the Chronotherapy and chiropractic, among others.

Naturopathy: bases its therapeutic principle in determining what is the height in the process and act on changing that very moment, through diet, detoxification or many other methods, the natural energy of a hit, making redress the imbalance caused by a invasion.
Homeopathy: Although with a different conception of healing Acupuncture, uses the principle of energy message which is to bring a drug layer diluted to infinitesimal measures, failed to produce favorable changes in the individual.
Radioestecia: Use as a therapeutic principle of exchange energy capacity that exists within each of the individuals, the environment and with their peers, so it is possible to balance energy exchange sites between the individual and the macro-, which known by the name fields.
Neural Therapy Acciona centers or removing interfering connections that act as short circuit and not allow the proper course of nervous information from the periphery to the central nervous system and vice versa, interfering with the great defense system, specifically at defense Neural.
Chiropractic: This, in turn, justified his act by correcting the movement of nerve outflow at the level of the spinal nerve roots that have been affected by trauma or vertebral displacement, the correct pudiƩndoce solve them through manipulations of various kinds.
Cromoterapia: Use the principle of resonance bibracional obtained as a result of using the size of waves produced by the colors for therapeutic purposes.
Exercises Orientales: In which is included on Joga Taichi and justify their mechanism of action, fostering a harmonious flow of energy within the body via the meridians and collaterals, helping to strengthen it, and achieving a magnificent psychological well-being, physical and social. For these reasons and its feasibility to learn many people in the world practice in therapy and prevention. It is the method that has older design converged with acupuncture points.