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The progress of science has promoted the development of Acupuncture through the discovery and development of low power laser He-Ne, giving a new vision Acupuncture therapy more effective in the treatment of common diseases.

The treatment by means of laser-acupuncture stimulation of acupuncture points either local or following the Theory of Meridians, achieves greater acceptance by the patient because of its easy application. This type of therapy combines the effects of low-power laser, which translate into improved quality of healing of damaged tissue and decreased pain and inflammation through cellular stimulation of the affected area with the already known effects of stimulation of acupuncture points located along meridians which release substances which block the pain, which in TCM is called the Flow Balance Energy or Qi.

Therapeutic applications Laser-acupuncture therapy

Its application is primarily a condition or injury of soft tissue pathologies of type link, Syndromes back and neck pain, Peripheral nerve entrapment, Pathologies Dermatological and Lung Disease.

The stimulation of microcirculation and tissue repair caused by laser energy applied directly to areas of injury with spot scanning techniques in addition to the application in specific acupuncture points directly affects longer-lasting results in time because analgesic affection adds a direct action on the cause of pain and limitation by stimulating the body itself to promote healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.


Acupuncture is said to born in China, is an ancient science practiced predominantly dating from about 5000 years, some treaties even mention that their discovery dates from the years 2696 to 2598 BC. It is a method of treatment in the medical science that consists of two parts: Needles and Heat.

Acupuncture’s name derives from the Latin words “Notice” which means needle and “pung” meaning penetrate bone penetration is strategically and stimulation of certain points on the human body through the skin, different types of fine needles or also by the heat generated by the plant Artemisia vulgaris, to be burned near the skin on different acupuncture points.


Acupuncture points on the human body was originally classified in ancient China in 14 separate groups. The line joining the acupuncture points in each group is called “Meridian”. Of these 14 meridians, 12 are bilateral (right and left of the body), the remaining 2 are in the midline. The latter were discovered recently and may not belong to the classical system of “meridians” and are called “Extra Meridians.

On the other hand there is what the Chinese have called Qi, which is the vital energy that gives life to all living matter and it circulates through the system of channels or meridians. Each meridian has a defined path in the body, which is divided into two parts:
The internal road
The external route


The insertion of the needles may hurt very slightly during the penetration through the skin, this is for 10-15 seconds only, then you do not feel absolutely nothing, the needles used are very thin to the point that they could take 10 — 12 needles for acupuncture on a regular needle used to channel a vein. A very important aspect is that the needles used today are completely disposable to avoid the risk of spreading disease.


If you are going to undergo acupuncture treatment should follow the following recommendations:

Do not ingest unusually large meal immediately before or after treatment

Do not overdo any exercise, engage in sexual activity or consume alcohol within six hours before or after treatment.

Plan your activities so you can have some rest or at least not having to work the best, this is especially important for first visits.

Continue taking any medicine prescribed and in the manner prescribed by your doctor ge regular. Substance abuse (alcohol or drugs), especially in the week prior to treatment, seriously interfere with the effectiveness of acupuncture treatment.

Remember to take mental or written notes of which has been their response to treatment, your therapist is important to know the result of this and the evolution of their problem to help in better shape.