Breakfast is a good habit and important to everyone. If your morning a balanced meal will be awakened and your gut is your metabolism going. However, many people store their breakfast early on because they insist and / or no time. That is unfortunate, because often the stomach begins to rumble then later in the morning and then is chosen unwisely snacks such as biscuits or chocolate. To prevent your body a favor to take evidence is a tasty and healthy breakfast.

This is what a healthy breakfast out

A healthy breakfast can take many forms, but usually it comes down to this:

1. A portion of grains, preferably whole grain such as bread, crispbread, rye bread, Brinta, oats, natural muesli

2. A portion of milk, preferably skimmed or skimmed like milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, quark, cheese (20 or 30).

3. A portion of vegetables, preferably fresh as an apple, orange or two kiwi

If you combine these three elements you get all nutrients that your mornings as needed:

Dietary fiber for good bowel movement and a fullness (cereals)

Calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth (milk)

Many B-vitamins for various bodily

Vitamin C for a healthy immune system (fruit)

Iron (bread, is better absorbed by the combination with vitamin C)

The importance of sufficient fiber

It is important to your meals, especially breakfast you good fiber rich. Fibers ensure a proper bowel movement and help the intestinal flora. The intestinal bacteria are the good bacteria in the gut that protect you against disease. Also give you fiber so you feel full longer can ߡterĂ©n” on your breakfast. Each day you hear about 30-40 g fiber will get, but unfortunately most people only half ingested. Below an overview of different breakfast cereals, given equal fibers in the quantities specified:

1 slice whole-wheat bread or
1 slice rye bread
1 fibrous knackeb
2 slices white bread
2 wholemeal biscuits
3 tablespoons oatmeal or muesli
4 rice cakes
12 tablespoons cornflakes

So you see that thin flakes and rice cakes stand out in terms of fiber, unless you (very) much of that. So do not take too many cornflakes or rice cakes because they add little to the meal.

What if you REALLY have no breakfast can get through your throat?

If you really have trouble eating a whole meal early in the morning, you can choose a piece of fruit, one cup milk or crackertje take. It is also wise to 1 or more glasses of water, your water loss of the nocturnal transpiration to compensate. Then a few hours later, when you added, you have breakfast. Bring bread back to work or take a cottage cheese container.

Venture out for your breakfast

Compare the labels of breakfast foods in the supermarket. Compare, for example cruesli with muesli, corn flakes with regular Special K, All-bran with Loops, Honey Smacks Hitters with breakfast items etc. If you look at a particularly low amount of calories (energy), sugar and fat and just a lot of fiber. So you get a better idea of which breakfast cereals are good for a nice full stomach without too many calories. Some people also find it enlightening to their usual amount of cereal one time to weigh. Often you do take a lot more than usual portion contains

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