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Behavior Therapy With Attention Deficit

Behavior Therapy With Attention Deficit
A new type of behavior therapy focused on developing practical skills, such as administration and planning time, help adults with attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (DADH), according to a recent study.

The ADHD child is often considered a problem, but it is estimated that in the United States affects 4 percent of adults.

Several investigations showed that the available drugs are effective in adults, but few stopped at the utility of behavior therapy.

Metacognitive Therapy

The new study, published in American Journal of Psychiatry, evaluated the effectiveness of a novel type of therapy called metacognitive, which is aimed at new ways of thinking, to perform everyday tasks and to achieve long-term goals.


Knowledge About Alternative Therapies

It’s called “alternative” or “complementary” to treatment that does not fit in the standard western medical practice. These include:

1) Traditional healing practices such as Ayurveda, Chinese acupuncture and practices of Native American Indians
2) Physical therapies such as chiropractic, massage and yoga
3) Homeopathy
4) Herbs or Flowers
5) Energy work such as polarity therapy or Reiki
6) Relaxation techniques including meditation and visualization

Many doctors do not agree with alternative therapies. They believe that they have done enough research on them and think that patients respond better to western medicine. Others prefer to use alternative therapies along with western medicine. They believe that alternative therapies can reduce stress, relieve side effects of antiviral or have other benefits.

What risks are they?
Alternative therapies can cause side effects. The words “natural” or “no-drug” not guaranteed to be free of risks. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA by its initials in English) does not approve dietary supplements or monitor its content or security.


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