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Coffe Vs tea.

tea or coffe

Tea or coffee?

A hot drink to warm up! Yes but we opt for tea or coffee? Advantages and disadvantages, which will win the match tea vs coffee?

Caffeine is a stimulant known. It increases alertness, provides a feeling of vitality, help with concentration. In short, we boosts coffee and other benefits, it is rich in antioxidants that help fight against aging. Except that too much coffee we derailed anxiety, irritation, rapid heartbeat or digestive problems. If you are stressed, avoid coffee and then breathe it! Its odor may be soothing some researchers … And sleep side? This varies from person to person but the amount of coffee consumed during the day affects the time that we put to sleep and quality of sleep. More coffee is prepared tight, the more it is rich in caffeine. Limit your consumption or deca passes or extended early signs of stress. For info, 150ml robusta contains 150 to 250 mg of caffeine, Arabica 50 to 120 mg deca … from 1 to 6 mg!

many virtues of tea. In fact, it has the same advantages and disadvantages of coffee because the caffeine it contains … the molecule is equivalent to the caffeine in coffee! Only the name changes. Over the tea infuses more time it frees up knowing that caffeine tea contains on average two to three times less exciting this molecule as coffee. So, tea is less likely to develop sleep disturbances or unrest, but it depends on the amount absorbed during the day. Often accused tea prevent the absorption of iron is true only for iron plant and only if you drink while eating … Last belief: the tea is slimming. Well no! No wonder tea! Tea is a diuretic and contains almost no calories but only a balanced diet and sport can lose weight.

Tea vs Coffee

It is well known that tea has a mild stimulating effect. It contains a small dose of caffeine, but his release is very slow, which makes prolonged use much less harmful than coffee for the stomach, liver, adrenal glands and pancreas. Moreover, it tends to dilate the small blood vessels in the brain, which improves the ability to concentrate, but has very little impact on the heart and great vessels, unlike coffee, which can cause palpitations and anxiety .

Miles virtues of the leaf

But tea has many other qualities! The recent discovery of its high content of compounds called polyphenols makes him a star of preventive medicine. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that protect the body against DNA degradation, the process responsible for aging and the onset of degenerative diseases like cancer. All types of teas possess these virtues, but it is the unfermented tea (green tea and white tea) that contain the most. It is also advisable to eat tea leaves rather than bags.

If you have never tasted tea, or only to commercial teas sold in groceries, I advise you to experience a good quality tea brewed.

The virtues of tea are the following:
- Increase alertness;
- Stimulating the intellect;
- Vasodilatory;
- Diuretic;
- Anti-infective;
- Action against diarrhea;
- Harm reduction in tobacco;
- Prevention of dental caries and periodontitis;
- Slimming action;
- Stimulation of the immune system;
- Preventive action against cancer;
- Prevention of cardiovascular disease;
- Headache;
- Aging;


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