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Exercises to Reduce Double Chin

Exercises to Reduce Double ChinWe have to learned to take some measures designed to prevent, reduce and improve the appearance of excess skin under the chin, known as jowls. Now, we look at some exercises that tone the muscles of the neck and significantly improve the appearance, which appears firmer and smoother.

Sitting on a firm-backed chair, tilt the head back until you feel tension in the chin. We repeat eight times, and increased to forty.

Another exercise consists of compressing the tongue on the palate for six to eight seconds. Pressure must be made with the tip of the tongue. Perform the exercise for ten to fifteen times a day.

We make circles with his tongue to keep your mouth shut, fifteen repetitions daily.

Arms crossed over his chest and lengthen the neck forward until you feel the skin tight. We turned her head slowly and keep to the right few seconds. We turned, then left, and do several repetitions.

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