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Spa with chocolate

spa chocolate

One of the most sought therapy at the moment and that is a common spa facilities or Chocoterapia Chocolate. Spa is a service chocotherapy “delicious” and sensational based on the application of cosmetic preparations, and cocoa, which contains properties beneficial health, such as antioxidants, moisturizing agents, composed by the regeneration and revitalization of the rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and other essential minerals provides health and vitality of the skin.

In the cosmetic use of cocoa has the following characteristics:

• Anti-radical and anti-oxidant: Thanks to the high concentration of polyphenols (such as green tea or grape seed).

• Toning and stimulating (teodorminas and caffeine): activate metabolism and cell renewal.

• Diuretics: eliminate toxins and improve the drainage network.

• Anti-inflammatory and soothing: to soothe and decongest the skin.

Cocoa customized for all skin types, concentrating on correct anti-stress and anti-pollution. aims to protect the skin from internal and external aggression, maintaining the brightness of the skin, hydration, smoothness and protect the skin from early signs of skin aging. This is pure relaxation therapy and health:


Stress, causes and ways to overcome

Stress is one of the most listened diseases in times of postmodernity, for some time now as the concept of stress has been acquiring more importance on the health of all people.

Stressors can be of two types:

a. – Psychosocial. They can create stress for the meaning that the person assigned.
b. – biogenic. Those situations become stressors for their ability to produce certain biochemical or electrical changes automatically trigger the stress response.

The main thing against any recent illnesses is that the face of stressful situations considered the secret is how to overcome stress and strategies to reduce its effects.

Let’s start by saying that what we call stress responses are those physiological, psychological and behavioral characteristics of a person to adapt and adjust itself to both “pressure” internal and external. It is defined as stressors with varying natures from psychosocial, bio-ecological, physical, and so on. affecting each person has but a very individual nature.

That is why you hear say that deal with different stressors to some people if it causes stress to others will not necessarily produce such effect. Symptoms are often not clear, but most common are displayed such as fatigue, aches, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and palpitations, being essential consulting physician against one or more of them to overcome stress.

Different professionals have been studying ways to reduce the disease so common and particularly associated with the lifestyle of each of us in our societies today. This time we chose for this article presenting some tips to reduce that stress or how to overcome stress.

If until now recognize the symptoms of stress in ourselves above continue to read and apply these techniques to reduce stress. Information provided by Honorary Commission for cardiovascular health.

* Make a program that includes routine working hours and sleep.

* Take a break if you recognize that he suffers from fatigue, anxiety or insomnia.

* Talk with family, friends and others you trust to receive the necessary support.

* Consider reducing those commitments less important if you are feeling that they are excessive.

* Take a few minutes to think about rest and relaxation exercises.

* Do not lean on alcohol, snuff, caffeine and other drugs to overcome stress.

* You must not self-medicate in any case.

* Get advice from your doctor, to help you overcome stressful situations and manage their consequences.


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