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People Who Walk Slowly, More Prone to Cardiac Death

WalkWalking slowly not only delay the arrival at destination: According to a French team, the greatest who walk slow are nearly three times more likely to die from heart disease than those who walk faster.

The message to the general population is to maintain fitness in old age would have important implications and preserve life and function (muscle).

The expert said the study, published in BMJ, also suggests that a test of walking speed can know better the health status of older patients.

Previous studies have associated the slow gait with an increased risk of death in a given period, as well as to falls and other adverse health consequences, but none had shown the highest risk if the concentrated heart disease or other cause .


Physical Activity and Health

Physical activityPlaying sports is beneficial to our health if we do it correctly and according to the physical condition according to our age and lifestyle.

No doubt our bodily being is marked by our social being, immersed in a globalized culture like never before that tends to set off the suitability of our habits and bodily practices. This suitability is extended not only to “correct or desirable” conduct hygiene, food, gestures and posture, (among others), but the resources, methods and procedures to achieve them.

Our choices as far as they can become one of the “care” to lavish the body are largely rooted in the sense of duty: we must be healthy, agile and fit. In many cases, rather than an acquired right and deserved pleasure, is a term coined by lacultura the body healthy in a society that reinforces patterns of working life increasingly sedentary.

Physical Activity and Health “Stay Fit” has become a motto over the health industries, and not observe the proliferation of strange and magical new proposals gymnastic routines available in both magazines and appliance centers called gyms. For those who might say that Physical Education is an exclusive practice of the school term we want to remind you that it is a discipline that deals with that physical activity is basically related HEALTH ORGANIZATION and not with the market laws.

Physical activity will only result in a better quality of life if performed in a real context of health care for each person. Just as in education there is a large undertaking this task, it seems that we have to wait a little longer so that it extends to EU policies that promote various activities HEALTH ORGANIZATION programs in the social field, so that physical education the adult is not open to the laws are not always so healthy market.


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