The Emergence Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes
Abnormal thirst and dry mouth, frequent urination, extreme tiredness / lack of energy, constant appetite, sudden weight loss, slow wound healing, recurrent, blurred vision…

The same symptoms listed above may also affect type 2 diabetes, but usually the symptoms are less obvious. The emergence of type 2 diabetes is gradual and therefore difficult to detect. In fact, some people with type 2 diabetes show no symptoms evident at first. They tend to be diagnosed several years later, when various complications are already present.

Threatening complications:

Without adequate production and action of insulin, glucose stays in the blood, causing chronic hyperglycemia (high blood sugar). This can cause complications in the short and long term, many of which, if not prevented and treated, can be fatal. All have the potential to reduce the quality of life of people with diabetes and their families.

The most common complications in the long term are:

Diabetic nephropathy (kidney disease), which can lead to total kidney failure and the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation.

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A1c Test For Diabetes Is The Best Indicator Of Risk

A test that detects blood sugar levels over a period of several weeks not only is the best way to diagnose diabetes but could identify with greater precision than the standard approach who is at risk of contracting it, investigators said.

In a study involving over 11,000 people with no history of diabetes, hemoglobin A1c test more accurately determined who would develop the disease compared with glucose testing, which measures blood sugar levels at a point in the time.

The A1c test was also able to better predict the risk of stroke (CVA), heart disease and death from diabetes, the researchers report in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The team found that people who had A1c levels of 6 percent or more were at greater risk of developing diabetes.

“The A1c has significant advantages over blood glucose test,” said Dr. Elizabeth Selvin from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and leader of the study.

The blood sugar levels can vary from day to day and from hour to hour.

The A1c test is more reliable, repeatable and allows doctors to follow the average glucose levels over time. The quantities are not affected by stress and disease and patients do not have to fast before the test, as with glucose, the researchers said.

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How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Hyperthyroidism

The most common cause of this disease in human beings is the side effect of other diseases such as diffuse toxic goiter and Graves disease – Basedow, among others.

The most important component of the hormones produced by the thyroid (thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3)) is iodine, which regulates the body’s energy and during the first years of life, regulates the growth, therefore an imbalance in the production of this hormone can bring about significant change physically.

Symptoms of this disease include: gastrointestinal problems, eg weight loss, hyperphagia or excessive increase of appetite, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, and intestinal cramps, and also neuromuscular problems, such as fatigue, weakness muscle fatigue and tremors, cardiovascular problems, such as tachycardia, palpitations, dyspnea, and hypertension, among others.

In addition, symptoms such as increased pigmentation of the skin, heat intolerance, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), brittle hair, decreased libido, and decrease or cessation of menstruation. On a psychological level there are also symptoms of hyperthyroidism, such as irritability, anxiety, insomnia and decreased stress threshold bearable.

A clear external physical symptom of hyperthyroidism is the withdrawal of the lids, making it appear that the eyes are protruding and large.

The symptoms of this disease are variable, each individual may display differently, however, in the presence of these symptoms it is advisable to assist the doctor to appropriate examinations.

The Key to Maintaining a Healthy Body

Many are looking for the keys to maintaining a healthy body. And is that while many might think it’s a secret only unattainable … the answer may lie precisely in the same inning.

Also, keep it healthy and not fall into the mistake of surrendering ourselves to the unhealthy habit of doing nothing will be some requirements to follow from now on.

And you ask … and what was the secret? One of them, aerobic exercise, such as start walking slowly, and then increase the speed gradually after 3 to 5 minutes.

In any event, to increase the speed does not require big efforts, just enlarge the steps and walk a little faster.

An optimal amount of time would be about 30 minutes a day, something we could take now that we are in summer. A good choice: the beach, and if some people do not have cerna, do not worry, with quiet, relaxed walk, all the better.

With age, the flexibility decreases. At this point, we could stretch daily, so that the same flexibility to acquire a greater ease. Always is recommended for 5 minutes, especially after carrying out the aforementioned aerobic exercise.

And besides, one of the most important techniques could be the practice of yoga, we have already spoken on the odd occasion, rise, yes, the benefits.

Balance even while you stretch, or join a gym and weight training might be other points of the keys to maintaining a healthy body.

All of this, we can improve it with good breath, something that in each book, insists Ramiro Calle, an expert in the practice of Yoga and meditation specialist and Eastern psychology.

New Treatment of Asthma

new treatment of asthmaImpaired quality of life, impact on daily life, persistent symptoms … all these criteria are not always sufficiently taken into account in the treatment of asthma. The results of new studies argue for a better evaluation of the care of patients.

There is an increased incidence of asthma by 10% over the last twenty years. In 2001, asthma affected more than 100 million people worldwide. In France, the incidence and severity of the disease are rising steadily since 1960. According to the survey Health and Welfare 1998 (ESPS 98), nearly 3.5 million French are concerned, and 5 million French have had asthma at some time or another in their life. Asthma is a chronic disease of children the most common, with 6-10% of school children affected. It is also the leading cause of school absenteeism.

Between 1979 and 1995 and despite the availability of effective treatments, deaths increased by 30%.
How to assess asthma control?

The main therapeutic goal is the control of symptoms. But conventional DMARDs are sometimes inadequate. Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment can be done by simply measuring periodic FEV (forced expiratory volume in one second) but must incorporate the impact of disease on quality of life. This recent concept should improve the overall care. Various studies have shown that there is no linear relationship between the measurement of FEV and quality life.1. The perception of good asthma control is very discordant between patient and doctor, the first tends to minimize symptoms by frequently “used disability” (study ASHAIR).

Today through appropriate questionnaires professionals have more tools to assess overall as the percentage of days on which asthma has been well controlled or AQLQ for “Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire. In thirty issues, activity, symptoms, well-being and the patient environment are evaluated. Presented at the MEDEC 2003, the preliminary results of a survey on the perception of this new approach (survey ASTEQ2 for Asthma and Quality of Life) show an interest from the patient but also the physician for consideration quality of life.

Asthma Treatment

For the first time, an international survey identifies key issues related to treatment. The results for France are clear: the adverse effects of treatment combined with a lack of communication between patients and physicians are limiting the effectiveness of care.
The GAPP Survey (Global For the first time, an international survey identifies key issues related to treatment. The results for France are clear: the adverse effects of treatment combined with a lack of communication between patients and physicians are limiting the effectiveness of care. The GAPP Survey (Global Asthma Physician and Patient – International survey on the attitudes of physicians and patients about asthma) was conducted in 16 countries to explore the attitudes and treatment practices the ‘asthma, both in terms of doctors and patients. Three key areas have been screened in this study: adverse reactions to drugs, treatment compliance and patient education. Differences medical patients The results of the GAPP Survey for France are clear, highlighting two main obstacles to effective management: lack of communication between physicians and their patients and the occurrence of adverse reactions related to treatment with inhaled corticosteroids.
* Patients and doctors: misunderstandings persist
* Patients and doctors have differing opinions on information about adverse reactions:
* More than half of patients following their treatment, claiming he never spoke of adverse short-term (63%) and long (60%) with their doctor.
* However, 87% of physicians said they sometimes or always speak of adverse short-term and 32% said they sometimes or always speak of adverse long-term.
* The perception of patient education in practice varies considerably
* 62% of doctors say spent more than a quarter of the time from consultation to discuss techniques to ensure the success of treatment, against only 23% of patients.
* 26% of physicians state that they offer to their patients during consultations in the office, keep a daily log of symptoms, while only 7% of patients reported having such a conversation with their doctor.
* The occurrence of side effects influence adherence to treatment:
* 21% of patients having undergone anti-asthma report having been victims of adverse short-term and 11% of adverse long-term.
* Patients who experienced adverse events were 50% report that they have considered reducing the dosage, and 29% said they have reduced. The survey results Gapp provide unique insights into the current state of asthma in France, both in terms of doctors that adult patients. In addition to caring for adults, the investigation Gapp was also interested in treating children with asthma. The results confirm the need to improve both the safety of proposed treatments and information for parents. Asthma Physician and Patient – International survey on the attitudes of physicians and patients about asthma) was conducted in 16 countries to explore the attitudes and treatment practices the ‘asthma, both in terms of doctors and patients. Three key areas have been screened in this study: adverse reactions to drugs, treatment compliance and patient education. Read the rest of this entry »

Swine flu

What is the swine flu?
What is influenza H1N1?

More recently came a new influenza or flu which brought new dangers to our health. It is very important that we know about what swine influenza or swine flu so we can recognize its causes, symptoms, how it spreads and we can act quickly and avoid contracting it.

What is influenza H1N1?

• The H1N1 flu is a new influenza virus that is sickening people. This has two genes of influenza viruses that usually circulate among pigs in Europe and Asia, and avian genes, and human genes. Scientists call this virus “quadruple rearranged.

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The main signs of hypertension


Hypertension, commonly known as high pressure, is characterized by an excessive blood pressure on the artery walls. They say it is a “silent killer” because it does not manifest itself by external symptoms (unless hypertension is very high).

Without adequate treatment, hypertension can lead to long term, stroke, kidney disease and vision problems. Measuring blood pressure consists of two numbers indicating millimeters of mercury or mmHg. The optimal blood pressure is set at 115/75.

The causes of hypertension are not clearly identified, but we know that obesity and stress can aggravate it, as well as some bad habits.
General Recommendations

Some typical signs of blood pressure are headaches, dizziness, struck on the ears and nose bleeding. However, some people feel a little pain in the back of his head or increased urination.

Despite increases in the urine can mean that your blood sugar is too high if you are diabetic. Therefore it is difficult to see signals. However, if you have diabetes and are experiencing increased urination, and headache, then just check your blood sugar and see if this is the cause. If not, then you can exclude from glucose, and if they have high blood pressure.

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Maintain weight loss? IS POSSIBLE!

lose weight

Choose healthy eating habits for life is the basis for maintaining weight loss once it has undergone a nutritional regimen supervised by experts according to their lifestyle, age and height.

If you took the first step is to decide to lose weight through proper diet, congratulations! Now the big challenge will be to keep those kilos stable and, above all, try to be extra careful with the food you eat.

While most diets promise miracle results and even spectacular for the time they propose, be careful as it could be surprises to quickly recover all the lost weight.

To avoid famous yo-yo effect or rebound, try to always include in any scheme, more protein, vegetables, fruit and less fat or carbohydrates, and then some tips to help keep the weight off:

The body has a specific number of cells that store fat, they increase or decrease in size according to the needs of the body, so take a low-fat diet reduces fat deposits present in your body.

To reach his ideal weight, eliminate all fats avoid suddenly, instead of this, do it gradually to the lowest level possible.

Check that your diet includes grains, fruits and vegetables, in terms of fats, fish and olive oil should make up most of them.

Animal fat, ie meat and dairy products are less healthy and should be taken in moderation.

Adopt strategies such as avoiding restaurants that lack of healthy options on the menu, and when you have no other alternative, ask for separate salad dressings.

If you eat any food in exaggerated form, this becomes stored fat, remember that the needs of protein and fat people are fixed.

Diets very low in calories with lack of exercise help burn both muscle mass and body fat but soon takes the rebound effect, so it should be increased gradually as the exercise is decreased caloric intake.

A BODY GOOD army is trained to efficiently use fat from the diet and reserves as energy sources.

The tendency to store fat is reduced with athletic training, if exercise intensity is high enough, the body will burn energy for hours after exercise and increase metabolism.

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Learn The Nuances Of Massaging, Set Your Cash Registers Ringing

The hectic life the professionals of today get to live in consequently drives them to health clinics at the end of the day. This has led to the increase in the no. of spa clinics, wellness centers, etc which are now ultimately providing a large no. of employment opportunities for youths across the world.

Massaging is one of the most and basic popular techniques employed in these health clinics. Relaxing the body and relieving the stress out of the mind defines massaging simply. But it indeed is an art cum science in which you need to understand how a few physical movements in the body establishes the relief in the mind. Thus mastering over this practice requires you to undertake serious training sessions where in you will get to understand the various techniques involved in bringing about the peace of mind (synthetically of course).

With the need for such clinics increasing, the no. of professionals needed is increasing too. Resultantly many schools and colleges have started providing courses on massaging. Upon enrolling in schools such as Massage Therapy School Los Angeles, you get trained more professionally on massaging along with a lot of other techniques like acupressure. You end up as a therapist after the course and become eligible for working in the various health clubs of big hotels and other prime spa clinics.

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