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Reduce Depression In Pregnancy With Acupuncture

The journal Obstetrics & Gynecology published the results of a study by analysts at Stanford University in the United States safe that acupuncture reduces the incidence of depression in pregnant women.
The on pregnant women diagnosed with depression and endorsed by specialists, were subjected to acupuncture techniques. It was noted that symptoms of depression were reduced by 63%.
Depression in pregnant women is a subject of concern both to professionals and the family of the pregnant woman, as this harms both the mother and the small road. The antidepressant pills supply is in some cases a risky solution. Research has shown that pregnant women medicated with antidepressants in the second or third trimester were at risk of giving birth before term.
“We evaluated acupuncture as a stand-alone treatment, and the results are very positive,” said Dr. Rachel Manber professor, author of the study. It should be noted that acupuncture does not eliminate the symptoms completely, only significantly reduces risk and without the pills.
From Langone Medical Center New York University, director of reproductive psychiatry, Dr. Shari Lusskin endorsed the study but noted that “acupuncture is not a substitute for appropriate use of antidepressant therapy.
The study conducted at Stanford University found that acupuncture could be a viable option for treating depression in pregnant women. Despite this suspicion by some doctors are recommending therapy.

Acupuncture-Alternative Therapies

Acupuncture-Alternative Therapies
There are many alternative therapies but without any doubt one of the best known is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves inserting and manipulating needles into the patient’s body to restore proper functioning of your body.
Acupuncture is one of the alternative therapies that are within our reach and that most people use. Try to retrieve the patient welfare, restructure their health and in some cases, alleviate the pain you have. The acupuncturists insert needles into the body of the patient at some points strategically located and registered by the World Health Organization (WHO). From there they begin to manipulate them to achieve the balance of the person you are dealing with.

Acupuncture is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine. This type of medicine identified 12 roads that correspond to the human body’s vital organs: heart, kidneys, lungs, small and large intestines, spleen, pancreas, bladder, liver or gallbladder among others. It is usually used to cure various diseases such as allergies, flu-like processes, herniated disk and is even applied as a method to quit smoking.

Like any alternative therapy, acupuncture has its advocates and its critics. Many people who have used it praise its benefits but not others believe in its therapeutic properties. In recent years, has been used to cure stress and fatigue that is experienced today.

Acupuncture And Other Therapies

Acupuncture And Other Therapies
Like acupuncture, naturopathy, homeopathy, Oriental Exercises, the Radioestecia, Neural Therapy, the Chronotherapy and chiropractors believe in the existence of an energy that the body provides great possibilities.
Undoubtedly there are many therapeutic techniques that have similarities in design and style basics, particularly acupuncture, rather than the method used, many therapies are associated with the existence of concept of an energy that the body gives great potential for response , which makes you a creditor of an uncanny ability to keep your balance.

Within these we find the naturopathy, homeopathy, Oriental Exercises, the Radioestecia, Neural Therapy, the Chronotherapy and chiropractic, among others.


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The progress of science has promoted the development of Acupuncture through the discovery and development of low power laser He-Ne, giving a new vision Acupuncture therapy more effective in the treatment of common diseases.

The treatment by means of laser-acupuncture stimulation of acupuncture points either local or following the Theory of Meridians, achieves greater acceptance by the patient because of its easy application. This type of therapy combines the effects of low-power laser, which translate into improved quality of healing of damaged tissue and decreased pain and inflammation through cellular stimulation of the affected area with the already known effects of stimulation of acupuncture points located along meridians which release substances which block the pain, which in TCM is called the Flow Balance Energy or Qi.

Therapeutic applications Laser-acupuncture therapy

Its application is primarily a condition or injury of soft tissue pathologies of type link, Syndromes back and neck pain, Peripheral nerve entrapment, Pathologies Dermatological and Lung Disease.

The stimulation of microcirculation and tissue repair caused by laser energy applied directly to areas of injury with spot scanning techniques in addition to the application in specific acupuncture points directly affects longer-lasting results in time because analgesic affection adds a direct action on the cause of pain and limitation by stimulating the body itself to promote healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.


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