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You may have seen a large and prominent veins in the calf. Do not underestimate, it is varicose veins. Left untreated, varicose veins will cause cancer called ulcus varicosa.varises
An expert revealed the main cause of varicose veins is the incompetence of the valves in the veins (venous). Varicose veins are usually used in pregnant women. But it was all normal and varicose veins will usually resolve on their own at the time the mother completed delivery. Varicose veins are usually detected in the form of soft shadows. At the foot of men soft shadows usually appear at the time he finished work hard or do activities such as running and so on. Varicose veins can be lost, if given an injection. Varicose veins dangerous is already in clinical category. These types are usually prominent and winding and the sufferer will feel pain when standing for long.
This happens because blood collects around the lump is causing pain. If the lump is surgery in it will come out like a jewel bji. Which is regrettable, for these communities are often considered trivial varicose veins, so no prevention efforts early. Usually, new patient checks varicose veins to the doctor, when feeling pain. And is often done when the action has severe varicose veins.

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Endometrial Cancer

Cancer of the lining of the uterus (sometimes called the womb) is known as endometrial cancer. The most common symptom is unusual bleeding from the vagina, especially bleeding after having gone through menopause.

Having your doctor about any unusual bleeding occurs, you can increase the possibility of finding an endometrial cancer at early stages. Endometrial cancer can almost always be successfully treated if found early.
Other things that may put you at greater risk for endometrial cancer include having your first period before age 12 or going through menopause after age 50. Women who have never been pregnant and those using a drug called tamoxifen may also be at a higher risk level

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Ways to Andminister Chemotherapy

Like other medicines can be taken different ways, there are several ways to administer chemotherapy. In most cases, is given intravenously, into a vein. This method of administration is also called “IV”. For this, a tiny tube inserted into a vein through the skin. In general, treatment is performed in the arm. The tube is connected to a bag containing the drug. The medicine flows from the bag into the vein and enters the bloodstream. Once the medicine is in the blood can travel through the body and attack cancer cells.


Sometimes an IV is placed permanently under the skin in a larger blood vessel of the upper chest. Thus, a child can receive chemotherapy and other medicines through the catheter without the need to always use a vein in your arm. The catheter remains under the skin until it is completed cancer treatment. Can also be used for blood sampling and other treatments, such as blood transfusions, without the need for so many punctures.

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People Who Walk Slowly, More Prone to Cardiac Death

WalkWalking slowly not only delay the arrival at destination: According to a French team, the greatest who walk slow are nearly three times more likely to die from heart disease than those who walk faster.

The message to the general population is to maintain fitness in old age would have important implications and preserve life and function (muscle).

The expert said the study, published in BMJ, also suggests that a test of walking speed can know better the health status of older patients.

Previous studies have associated the slow gait with an increased risk of death in a given period, as well as to falls and other adverse health consequences, but none had shown the highest risk if the concentrated heart disease or other cause .


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