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Maintain weight loss? IS POSSIBLE!

lose weight

Choose healthy eating habits for life is the basis for maintaining weight loss once it has undergone a nutritional regimen supervised by experts according to their lifestyle, age and height.

If you took the first step is to decide to lose weight through proper diet, congratulations! Now the big challenge will be to keep those kilos stable and, above all, try to be extra careful with the food you eat.

While most diets promise miracle results and even spectacular for the time they propose, be careful as it could be surprises to quickly recover all the lost weight.

To avoid famous yo-yo effect or rebound, try to always include in any scheme, more protein, vegetables, fruit and less fat or carbohydrates, and then some tips to help keep the weight off:

The body has a specific number of cells that store fat, they increase or decrease in size according to the needs of the body, so take a low-fat diet reduces fat deposits present in your body.

To reach his ideal weight, eliminate all fats avoid suddenly, instead of this, do it gradually to the lowest level possible.

Check that your diet includes grains, fruits and vegetables, in terms of fats, fish and olive oil should make up most of them.

Animal fat, ie meat and dairy products are less healthy and should be taken in moderation.

Adopt strategies such as avoiding restaurants that lack of healthy options on the menu, and when you have no other alternative, ask for separate salad dressings.

If you eat any food in exaggerated form, this becomes stored fat, remember that the needs of protein and fat people are fixed.

Diets very low in calories with lack of exercise help burn both muscle mass and body fat but soon takes the rebound effect, so it should be increased gradually as the exercise is decreased caloric intake.

A BODY GOOD army is trained to efficiently use fat from the diet and reserves as energy sources.

The tendency to store fat is reduced with athletic training, if exercise intensity is high enough, the body will burn energy for hours after exercise and increase metabolism.


Acupuncture therapy

therapy acupuncture

The progress of science has promoted the development of Acupuncture through the discovery and development of low power laser He-Ne, giving a new vision Acupuncture therapy more effective in the treatment of common diseases.

The treatment by means of laser-acupuncture stimulation of acupuncture points either local or following the Theory of Meridians, achieves greater acceptance by the patient because of its easy application. This type of therapy combines the effects of low-power laser, which translate into improved quality of healing of damaged tissue and decreased pain and inflammation through cellular stimulation of the affected area with the already known effects of stimulation of acupuncture points located along meridians which release substances which block the pain, which in TCM is called the Flow Balance Energy or Qi.

Therapeutic applications Laser-acupuncture therapy

Its application is primarily a condition or injury of soft tissue pathologies of type link, Syndromes back and neck pain, Peripheral nerve entrapment, Pathologies Dermatological and Lung Disease.

The stimulation of microcirculation and tissue repair caused by laser energy applied directly to areas of injury with spot scanning techniques in addition to the application in specific acupuncture points directly affects longer-lasting results in time because analgesic affection adds a direct action on the cause of pain and limitation by stimulating the body itself to promote healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.


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