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People Who Walk Slowly, More Prone to Cardiac Death

WalkWalking slowly not only delay the arrival at destination: According to a French team, the greatest who walk slow are nearly three times more likely to die from heart disease than those who walk faster.

The message to the general population is to maintain fitness in old age would have important implications and preserve life and function (muscle).

The expert said the study, published in BMJ, also suggests that a test of walking speed can know better the health status of older patients.

Previous studies have associated the slow gait with an increased risk of death in a given period, as well as to falls and other adverse health consequences, but none had shown the highest risk if the concentrated heart disease or other cause .


Physical Activity in Child Asthma

Exercise is necessary for all children, and provide moments of happiness while preparing to teach a healthy lifestyle as adults, therefore, the child with asthma should not be an exception, and should make physical exercise a manner “adequate”.

Benefits of exercise in children with asthma:

  • Improved child development
  • Improved physical fitness and exercise tolerance itself
  • The attacks caused by stress are reduced or are less strong
  • The crisis is best handled
  • Helps reduce the nervousness caused by the attacks.


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