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Acupuncture therapy

therapy acupuncture

The progress of science has promoted the development of Acupuncture through the discovery and development of low power laser He-Ne, giving a new vision Acupuncture therapy more effective in the treatment of common diseases.

The treatment by means of laser-acupuncture stimulation of acupuncture points either local or following the Theory of Meridians, achieves greater acceptance by the patient because of its easy application. This type of therapy combines the effects of low-power laser, which translate into improved quality of healing of damaged tissue and decreased pain and inflammation through cellular stimulation of the affected area with the already known effects of stimulation of acupuncture points located along meridians which release substances which block the pain, which in TCM is called the Flow Balance Energy or Qi.

Therapeutic applications Laser-acupuncture therapy

Its application is primarily a condition or injury of soft tissue pathologies of type link, Syndromes back and neck pain, Peripheral nerve entrapment, Pathologies Dermatological and Lung Disease.

The stimulation of microcirculation and tissue repair caused by laser energy applied directly to areas of injury with spot scanning techniques in addition to the application in specific acupuncture points directly affects longer-lasting results in time because analgesic affection adds a direct action on the cause of pain and limitation by stimulating the body itself to promote healing and regeneration of damaged tissue.


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Spa with chocolate

spa chocolate

One of the most sought therapy at the moment and that is a common spa facilities or Chocoterapia Chocolate. Spa is a service chocotherapy “delicious” and sensational based on the application of cosmetic preparations, and cocoa, which contains properties beneficial health, such as antioxidants, moisturizing agents, composed by the regeneration and revitalization of the rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium and other essential minerals provides health and vitality of the skin.

In the cosmetic use of cocoa has the following characteristics:

• Anti-radical and anti-oxidant: Thanks to the high concentration of polyphenols (such as green tea or grape seed).

• Toning and stimulating (teodorminas and caffeine): activate metabolism and cell renewal.

• Diuretics: eliminate toxins and improve the drainage network.

• Anti-inflammatory and soothing: to soothe and decongest the skin.

Cocoa customized for all skin types, concentrating on correct anti-stress and anti-pollution. aims to protect the skin from internal and external aggression, maintaining the brightness of the skin, hydration, smoothness and protect the skin from early signs of skin aging. This is pure relaxation therapy and health:


Overcome scaly skin on feet

Not a few people who want to have healthy and beautiful legs. But compared to other parts of the body, legs are the organs most frequently overlooked health and cleanliness.
Here are the problems often encountered in the feet and how to cope:

Rupture heel
Leather leg broken can cause pain when walking away. Activities and performances must be disrupted. The cause of heel cracking / peeling quite a lot. Able because of exposed chemicals (eg detergents), the use of open footwear in the heel for a long time, can also by fungi due to high humidity, because the skin is too often bare feet on tile or cement floors.
The fix Rub the cracked with a smooth sole lawyer when bathing. After that proceed to apply foot lotion that contains a moisturizer or baby oil. Then wear soft socks when going to sleep.

Foot scaly skin
Dry scaly leg skin showing. The skin can become dry due to some of these things are in air-conditioned room or in the sun in a period of time long enough, have a dry skin type or lack of fluid intake. To overcome using foot or body lotion out of the house every day and night. You can also use petroleum jelly which works to moisturize dry skin foot. Expand is the consumption of vegetables and fruit, and do not forget to drink water at least 8 glasses per day.

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