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Wrinkle Prevention

How can I prevent wrinkles? A varied diet rich in vegetables and fruits, is the first step in ensuring a well-nourished skin without wrinkles. To prevent wrinkles we need to increase production of collagen and elastin taking vitamin C and E.

prevent wrinkles In the words of Dr. Lorraine Meisner, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Wisconsin without a doubt, the vitamin C is the most important vitamins for maintaining youthful skin. Ideally, a consumption of 300-500 mg. daily to keep skin in good condition and so prevent wrinkles.

Vitamin C enables the body to build and maintain collagen and elastin. When collagen production is reduced, the skin yields. As elastin fibers are stretched, the skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles. Our needs for vitamin C increases both with age and with the continued use of caffeine, alcohol and snuff, substances that deplete them continuously vitamin C levels in our body.

Prevention and cure wrinkles

The sun is the main enemy of the skin and we must avoid, if possible, on exposure to its rays without sunscreen to prevent early wrinkles.

A varied diet rich in vegetables and fruits, is the first step to ensure that our skin will have enough nutrients to produce collagen and elastin to prevent wrinkles need. Do not forget that vitamin C requirements are triggered in the case of smokers (active or passive) because the vitamin is destroyed by snuff.
Tips to prevent wrinkles

Eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains in abundance.
Avoid exposure to sun without protection.


The passage of time, poor nutrition, improper care of the skin and environmental conditions have effects on the skin causing it to become increasingly dry, thinner, less durable and prone to wrinkles.

Although sometimes frown lines or wrinkles appear prematurely as a result of our habitual and unconscious movements such as frowning, laughing or squint.

One way to check whether we make these movements is to keep a mirror near the phone to verify these expressions and get a chance to practice the relaxation of tense muscles.

Folk Remedies

Wrinkle Remedy # 1: Mix yeast with water, wheat germ oil or yogurt and then spread the paste over the lines and wrinkles gently pat. Allow to dry before rinsing. This mix increases the production of collagen and help smooth out wrinkles. (more…)

Effective Diagnostic Tool For Skin Cancer

Effective Diagnostic Tool For Skin Cancer
Researchers at the Skin cancer Scanning Israeli company has developed a new diagnostic tool for skin cancer that can identify potentially malignant moles with an efficiency of 92 percent, they say, is “much more than any other device currently offers . According to Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported on its website, currently underway in various clinical trials Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, having found that through its fiber optic system it facilitates more accurate information to assist the Early detection of these tumors.

However, researchers are still finalizing the usefulness of this tool and hope that the level of performance reached 95 percent accuracy. “We’ve invested millions of dollars to create an accurate diagnostic method, none of the above have so far been able to replace the doctor,” said Biderman.

In fact, the diagnosis of skin cancer is developing in two stages, with the doctor or dermatologist in charge of making an initial screening and detect which moles are suspected of developing melanoma and confirm the risk through a biopsy. However, the researchers caution that the medical examination is necessary and this is leading many patients to undergo unnecessary biopsies.

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