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Procedures To Treat Anemia

Maybe the doctor will prescribe medicine to increase the amount of red blood cells your body produces or treat the underlying cause of anemia.

Some of these medicines are:

* Antibiotics to treat infections
* Hormone Treatment for adult women and adolescents who have heavy menstrual bleeding
* A synthetic form of erythropoietin to stimulate the body to produce more red blood cells. This hormone carries    certain risks. You and your doctor will decide whether the benefits of this treatment outweigh the risks.
* Medicines to prevent the immune system destroys its own red blood cells
* Chelation to treat lead poisoning. Chelation is used primarily for children, because children with iron deficiency anemia are more at risk for lead poisoning.

If your anemia is severe, you may need medical procedures to treat it. These procedures are blood transfusions and transplantation of blood stem cells and bone marrow.


Colon Cancer

Colon CancerColon cancer is a disease in which cancer cells are found in tissues of the colon. In this type of cancer is a family heritage that is transmitted by a gene (DNA strand), carriers of this gene can be detected and treated very early


Early detection is therefore essential preventive examinations should be performed as the DRE, rectoscopy, and colonoscopy, especially those who have risk factors (colon polyps, ulcerative colitis) or family history of colon cancer. We also perform a blood test to detect carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), which rises in the blood in this type of cancer.


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