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Breakfast, a good start to the day!


Breakfast is a good habit and important to everyone. If your morning a balanced meal will be awakened and your gut is your metabolism going. However, many people store their breakfast early on because they insist and / or no time. That is unfortunate, because often the stomach begins to rumble then later in the morning and then is chosen unwisely snacks such as biscuits or chocolate. To prevent your body a favor to take evidence is a tasty and healthy breakfast.

This is what a healthy breakfast out

A healthy breakfast can take many forms, but usually it comes down to this:

1. A portion of grains, preferably whole grain such as bread, crispbread, rye bread, Brinta, oats, natural muesli

2. A portion of milk, preferably skimmed or skimmed like milk, buttermilk, yoghurt, quark, cheese (20 or 30).

3. A portion of vegetables, preferably fresh as an apple, orange or two kiwi

If you combine these three elements you get all nutrients that your mornings as needed:

Dietary fiber for good bowel movement and a fullness (cereals)

Calcium for strong bones and healthy teeth (milk)

Many B-vitamins for various bodily

Vitamin C for a healthy immune system (fruit)

Iron (bread, is better absorbed by the combination with vitamin C)


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Food Misconceptions

FoodThe Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) has developed a guide on “fake food myths” in order to clarify and demystify misconceptions about food that have given rise to erroneous beliefs. False beliefs a:

  • The fattening bread: The bread can be consumed in adequate amounts without gaining weight energy expenditure. What fat is to take an excessive amount and accompany it with jam, butter, sausages? Bread is a carbohydrate needed for a healthy diet. You need only adjust the amount ingested.
  • What makes us fat is not what we spend, so it’s important to exercise.
  • The fat fruit dessert taken: Not true, the fruit provides the same taken before and after a meal. If taken before a meal, what happens is that being rich in fiber and water produces a satiating effect. We recommend at least three pieces of fruit a day for his support in vitamins and minerals.


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