Many are looking for the keys to maintaining a healthy body. And is that while many might think it’s a secret only unattainable … the answer may lie precisely in the same inning.

Also, keep it healthy and not fall into the mistake of surrendering ourselves to the unhealthy habit of doing nothing will be some requirements to follow from now on.

And you ask … and what was the secret? One of them, aerobic exercise, such as start walking slowly, and then increase the speed gradually after 3 to 5 minutes.

In any event, to increase the speed does not require big efforts, just enlarge the steps and walk a little faster.

An optimal amount of time would be about 30 minutes a day, something we could take now that we are in summer. A good choice: the beach, and if some people do not have cerna, do not worry, with quiet, relaxed walk, all the better.

With age, the flexibility decreases. At this point, we could stretch daily, so that the same flexibility to acquire a greater ease. Always is recommended for 5 minutes, especially after carrying out the aforementioned aerobic exercise.

And besides, one of the most important techniques could be the practice of yoga, we have already spoken on the odd occasion, rise, yes, the benefits.

Balance even while you stretch, or join a gym and weight training might be other points of the keys to maintaining a healthy body.

All of this, we can improve it with good breath, something that in each book, insists Ramiro Calle, an expert in the practice of Yoga and meditation specialist and Eastern psychology.