There are many ways to whiten your teeth, including the use of whitening toothpastes and other products that can remove many surface stains for a low cost, to the use of whitening techniques that can cost up to $ 1,000 And which are used in the dental office , offering dramatic results.

All whitening techniques operate in one of two ways:

1 – The Whitening techniques change the natural tooth color, usually five to seven shades whiter. Both the bleaching is performed in the office by the professional and done at home using a bucket using a bleach compound. Bleaches contain an active ingredient, usually carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide in concentrations of 10-22%, Which helps remove surface stains or deep. There are significant differences in cost of various procedures used to White Teeth:

* A session of bleaching that uses laser and is done in the dentist can cost $ 500 or more, Providing Providing immediate results and dramatically whiter teeth. However, after a year of food and drink (coffee, tea, soft drinks), your teeth are stained lightly again. With whitening done in the office, you must pay the $ 500 to Whiten your teeth again.
* A tray adapted to his mouth and made by your dentist for whitening done at home can cost around $ 300, and you can use it several hours a day or at night for two weeks. When you observe the appearance of new spots just use the bucket for a night or two to remove the stain.
* The products for whitening that can be acquired mainly through pharmacies or other places can be gels that are applied with a brush, buckets bite and tapes of whitening that can range from, $ 10 to $ 45.

2-procedures that do not use bleaching agents: they act by physical action and / or chemistry to help remove surface stains. All toothpastes produces an abrasion to gently remove surface stains between dental visits. Whitening toothpastes have special chemical or polishing agents to Provide the removal of additional stains. A professional cleaning by a dentist or hygienist also uses an abrasive compound to polish the teeth Which can remove stains outer foodborne and snuff.

Each individual responds differently to various bleaching techniques. Some people respond well to bleaching Carried out using toothpastes, while people with teeth, grayish stain or with a more serious may require porcelain veneers (discussed elsewhere in this section) in order to Achieve the smiles that ‘ve always wanted. Only your dentist can determine what is best for you.